DD4hep 1.12.1 Released

We are happy to announce a new stable feature release of DD4hep version 1.12.1 with a total of 100 commits added to the repository since version 1.11. The release tarball can be downloaded from the repository:


This release has seen major improvements in nearly all DD4hep packages, an overview of the most important changes and new features is provided in the following:

  • The default ROOT element table is disabled. All materials must be entered explicitly.
  • Supports tessellated shapes. These new shapes are now supported by DD4hep including the automatic translation to Geant4 (Requires ROOT 6.22 or higher).
  • Implementation of a CAD interface to load shapes from CAD files.
  • Several fixes to unicode support in python
  • Bug fix in LcioEventReader for color flow
  • Simplification of grammar instantiation and additon of option to choose if boost::spirit should parse the input

For a more comprehensive list please read the Release Notes