DD4hep 1.11 Released

We are happy to announce a new stable feature release of DD4hep version 1.11 with a total of 365 commits added to the repository since version 1.10. The release tarball can be downloaded from the repository:


This release has seen major improvements in nearly all DD4hep packages, an overview of the most important changes and new features is provided in the following:

  • Support of optical surfaces and reflections (requires ROOT 6.20)
  • Rewrite of CMake and rebase functionality on targets
  • Support for reflection of volumes
  • Material properties use now default DD4hep units
  • Support for Python 3
  • Introduction of new Gaudi plugin manager
  • Minimal requirement for DD4hep C++14 (dropping C++11 support)
  • Allow for various material scan types from the root interactive prompt

For a more comprehensive list please read the Release Notes