DD4hep 1.13 Released

We are happy to announce a new stable feature release of DD4hep version 1.13 with a total of 82 commits added to the repository since version 1.12.1. The release tarball can be downloaded from the repository:


This release seen several major improvements. An overview of the most important changes and new features is provided in the following:

  • Support for TBB and Filter foncunality
  • Addition of CPack Configuration
  • Modernization and clean up of dd4hep::IOV
  • Implementation of condition objects, which do not provide a default constructor
  • Compatibility fixes for ROOT 6.22 (ROOTTPython)
  • Rewrite rpath usage on macOS for better compatibility
  • Addition of CAD volume plugin. This allows to embed valumes and shapes originating from CAD drawings using multiple formats as they are supported by the open asset importer library.

For a more comprehensive list please read the Release Notes