DD4hep 1.14.1 Released

We are happy to announce a new stable feature release of DD4hep version 1.14.1 with a total of 64 commits added to the repository since version 1.13.1. The release tarball can be downloaded from the repository:


This release seen several major improvements. An overview of the most important changes and new features is provided in the following:

  • Implementation of data member accessors for construction parameters
  • Various fixes for macOS compatibility
  • New geoWebDisplay based on ROOT 7 ROOTEve (experimental)
  • Propagate condition names for printouts and names are enabled by default.
  • If the debug flag DD4HEP_CONDITIONS_DEBUG is set, condition objects offer optional storage e.g. to store the object address or an xml-string etc.
  • Add the ability to access the DetElement in a derived condition. Access to it is enabled now for all compilations.

For a more comprehensive list please read the Release Notes for v01-14-01 and v01-14